What are negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and positive pressure?

When selecting micropumps, the process often involves three concepts, negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and positive pressure.

How to Choose Power Supply for DC micro pumps?

The most important parameters of the switching power supply for micro pumps are the output voltage and output current.

MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2016 -- Hao Motor Invitation

Hao Motor will exhibit at Medical Manufacturing Asia 2016 from Aug 31st to Sep 2nd.

Basic Knowledge on Micro Motors (Part 1)

Please see below for some knowledge on micro motors for beginners.

How to Calculate Power of A Motor?

In our life, we often need to calculate the power of a motor. If the power of a motor is 11KW, then P = UI, does it mean that the motor voltage is 380V and the current is 28.9? How to calculate the electricity used by the motor per hour?

How to Check the Electronic Connection of Micro Motors

The following methods can help you to decide whether a micro motor's contact points of electronic connection is working normally

Brushless DC Motor and Its Characteristics

What is a brushless DC motor ?

Differences between AC Pumps and DC Pumps

The parameters of DC pumps are usually accurate. They are low power consumption and highly efficient.

Analysis on the Chinese Micro Motor Market

According to statistics, the current size of the global micro motor market is more than $200 billion.

Reasons for Micro Motor Overheating and Solutions

Overheating can happen often when a micro motor is functioning. Here are some reasons causing overheating and tips on how to solve the problem.